[Advaita-l] Logical Basis of Apaureshyatva

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> Namaste,
> ////
> He will give bookish answers and wrong answers. If you want to study
> Chemistry you can go to a college to learn from Professors practicing  in
> labs.
> //
> What should matter most is not the issue of learning from westerners.
> What matter most is their dedication, perseverence, hard work & commitment
> towards learning a new language & subject which is entirely foreign to
> them.
> Their mastery of sanskrit, shastras & puranas are simply amazing.
> We young hindus should first learn these from them and i concur in this
> matter
> with Vidyasankar Ji. I am a student of shakta philosophy and especially
> tantra shastra.
> I used to refer the works of Sir John Woodroofe, Prof. Alexis Sanderson &
> Prof. Mark Dyczkowski (currently a professor of philosphy in Banaras Hindu
> University with specialization in Kashmir Trika Siddhanta) and i found them
> mind blowing.
> So much of depth in their writings & what a deep understanding into the
> subject !!
> Whereas, we indians, even though sanskrit is accessible to us with
> good scholars
> around us, we fail to utilize our time optimally.

> *You are totally mistaken. Prof. Witzel or Prof. Clooney cannot speak
> Sanskrit. They do not know texts by heart. They do not have any anushtanam.
> Their insights are gifts by traditional scholars and they make gross
> mistakes such as equating Ambal with a fallible woman such as Mary. They
> are well-funded by the **Church to achieve a specific agenda. They use
> politics to get seats in Harvard. On the other hand, traditional scholars
> score over  them and have carried on the tradition as far as they can in
> spite of 1000 years of oppression. Please get over the slavery mindset  and
> support real merit. Shri Subrahmanian said that the students could recite
> Vivekachudamani with commentary. It is an amazing feat because memory and
> understanding precede analysis. Please show me one western scholar who can
> recite any text that he or she claims mastery over. Otherwise, please dont
> glorify.  *


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