[Advaita-l] Logical Basis of Apaureshyatva

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Nov 14 00:18:08 CST 2011

When I glorified westerners, I meant people like Prof. George Cardona of 
University of Pennsylvannia, Shri Yogananda Saraswati, the french sanyasi who 
compiled “Vyasa Ashtottara”, Sir John Woodroofe, the great tantrika who 
brought into limelight some of the ancient tantric works which were neglected, 
Sir Brown, the great telugu scholar who compiled the the first “Telugu to English Dictionary”; Prof. Brown who took the photos of inscriptions of Pushadanta Krita Siva Mahimnah Stavah from the temple of Omkareshwara
>From the above noble people, I am aware of the personal details of 
Prof. George Cardona, the great Sanskrit grammarian
whose post-doctoral thesis was on Panini’s Ashtadhyayi.  
On the other hand, traditional scholars score over  them and have 
carried on the tradition as far as they can in spite of 1000 years of oppression. 
Please get over the slavery mindset  and support real merit. 
Even though I support tradition, yes, I support “real merit” which is 
not only restricted to India but far & wide across the world.  
The few names mentioned above stand testimony to this.  
What about the “so-called traditionalists” who belonged to popular Sankara Mutt 
who ran away overnight leaving  behind his danda & kamandala. 
Have we ever thought of this?  Still we respect them in spite of the bhraShTatva.
Shri Subrahmanian said that the students could recite Vivekachudamani with commentary. It is an amazing feat because memory and
understanding precede analysis. 
Memorizing is not a great feat.  How many of them assimilated the 
essence of it.  
I personally have witnessed several vedic ghanApATis who have memorized
entire veda but still fight on the dais for sambhAvanAs and counting the
cash with a grudge on donors.  
Please show me one western scholar who can recite any text that he or 
she claims mastery over. Otherwise, please don’t glorify.  
It’s not glorification but a fact and recognition of true merit. 
You are totally mistaken. Prof. Witzel or Prof. Clooney cannot speak
Sanskrit. They do not know texts by heart. They do not have any anushtanam.
What great things we have achieved by “practicing anushtanam”
that we snub the people who lack the relevant anushtanam.
Let us introspect ourselves that first and be aware of our own limitations.


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