[Advaita-l] Logical Basis of Apaureshyatva

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Nov 9 21:47:19 CST 2011

The Christian Priest cannot
be trusted because he has secret agendas. He is not living like a
Vaidika practicing Vedic religion.  He may be eating  beef drinking
wine and writing.   He will give bookish answers and wrong answers.
If you want to study Chemistry you can go to a college to learn from
Professors practicing  in labs. If you want to study law you have to
learn from law college professors practicing law. You must not learn
from books by non practicing person.

Hare Krishna

Sri vidya prabhuji suggested this scholar as an alternative source to 
learn mImAmsa nyAya.  However, I do agree with your above observation. 
When the source is available abundantly (if searched with all sincerity) 
within the tradition why go to foreign scholars who lack the traditional 
background ? 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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