[Advaita-l] Logical Basis of Apaureshyatva

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Thu Nov 10 01:46:23 CST 2011

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 3:47 AM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> The Christian Priest cannot
> be trusted because he has secret agendas. He is not living like a
> Vaidika practicing Vedic religion.  He may be eating  beef drinking
> wine and writing.   He will give bookish answers and wrong answers.
> If you want to study Chemistry you can go to a college to learn from
> Professors practicing  in labs. If you want to study law you have to
> learn from law college professors practicing law. You must not learn
> from books by non practicing person.
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Sri vidya prabhuji suggested this scholar as an alternative source to
> learn mImAmsa nyAya.  However, I do agree with your above observation.
> When the source is available abundantly (if searched with all sincerity)
> within the tradition why go to foreign scholars who lack the traditional
> background ?
*I think he suggested it as a good translation not as an alternative to
traditional learning. He, like most Hindus, may not understand the politics
behind sponsoring academic positions to research in to Vedic traditions,
which leads to such good translations. It is four-fold - *
*1) understand and destroy through counter arguments (e.g. attack on caste
system without explaining the Hindu rationale)*
*2) understand and misinterpret (e.g. introduce new concepts alien to Veda
dharma such as Dalit) *
*3) understand and neutralize (e.g. show that amman worship is similar to
mother mary worship) and *
*4) understand and enrich (e.g. include kavadi, bharatha nattiyam, yoga,
saffron etc. in to christianity) so that christians dont leave the fold for
better variety outside. *
*There is no room in Christianity to accommodate other religions. Jesus is
the ONLY way, truth and life. And Bible is the revealed word of God. A
Jesuit priest such as Clooney cannot accept revelations outside the Bible
and without vatican support he will be ex-communicated leave alone get a
job in Harvard. *

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