[Advaita-l] Logical Basis of Apaureshyatva

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>> *I have heard that Clooney is vatican sponsored anti-Hindu professor. If I
>> get his books free, I will use them but wont pay for anti-Hindu campaign. *
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> The short comment to the above:
> I will only say this much. Do not believe all that you hear; judge for yourself.
> The long comment:
> Prof. Clooney is a scholarly and very insightful writer on multiple Hindu
> traditions. Yes, he is a Roman Catholic, a Jesuit priest to boot. That only
> makes him not-Hindu; he can by NO means be described as anti-Hindu.
> One could perhaps disagree with his observations/conclusions for valid
> scholarly reasons, but to merely dismiss it all as somehow "anti-Hindu"
> just because of his commitment to his own religion is a grave injustice
> to the man and his scholarship.
But if we want to learn Mimamsa why should we go to a Christian
Priest? Better to learn from a Brahmin.  The Christian Priest cannot
be trusted because he has secret agendas. He is not living like a
Vaidika practicing Vedic religion.  He may be eating  beef drinking
wine and writing.   He will give bookish answers and wrong answers.
If you want to study Chemistry you can go to a college to learn from
Professors practicing  in labs. If you want to study law you have to
learn from law college professors practicing law. You must not learn
from books by non practicing person.

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