[Advaita-l] Position of Veda Vyasa?

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On Mon, 21 Mar 2011, Sarma KV wrote:

> The guru parampara pUja that the yateeSvara-s (the daSanaami samnyaasi-s of
> Saankara tradition) perform on guru/vyaasa pUrnima is also called "vyaasa
> pUja."

For more information about this see: 

we also discussed it on the list some time ago see:


and responses.

> In summary:
> Veda vyaasa is a Mula-stambha of "advaita tradition."
> Interestingly, I heard some elders say that vEda-vyaasa was not (not just)
> an individual, but it is a "padavi" (role) like vishNu, rudra. Hence, he is
> ALWAYS there and appears at his own volition like he did to kavikula guru
> kaaLidaasa, and Sankara.

In Vishnupurana Parashara Samhita 3.3 a list of 28 Veda Vyasa's for each of 
the yuga-cycles of the current manvantara are given.  Krshna Dvaipayana is 
only the current Veda Vyas.

Shankaracharya also gives the example of the Rshi Apantaratamasa Gautama 
(or Dirghatamasa.  He is the Rshi of the Ishopanishad.)  being 
reincarnated as Veda Vyasa in the bhashya on sutra 3.3.32 as an example of 
an 'adhikari' or someone who assumes a divine office for the welfare of 
the universe despite being a jnani and beyond rebirth.

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