[Advaita-l] Position of Veda Vyasa?

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Dear Sri Venkatesh,

By "Advaita tradition" if you are referring to Saankara-advaita-tradition:

vEda vyaasa has a very central role in Saankara tradition. His is the most
prominent position in the guru-parampara.

A version of the guru paramparaa stuti SlOkam goes:

*"naaraayaNa/sadaaSiva samaarambhaam - vyaasa Sankara madhyamaam |
 asmadaachaarya paryantaam - vandE guruparamparaam."*

It was Veda Vyasa that appeared to Sankara and exhorted him to take forward
the work on brahma-sUtra-s by compiling bhaashya on them.

That is why, we always remember them both as *Siva-kESava* pair:

*"Sankaram Sankaraachaaryam - kESavam baadaraayaNam |
sUtra-bhaashya kRtau vandE - bhagavantau punaH punaH ||*"

The guru parampara pUja that the yateeSvara-s (the daSanaami samnyaasi-s of
Saankara tradition) perform on guru/vyaasa pUrnima is also called "vyaasa

In summary:
Veda vyaasa is a Mula-stambha of "advaita tradition."

Interestingly, I heard some elders say that vEda-vyaasa was not (not just)
an individual, but it is a "padavi" (role) like vishNu, rudra. Hence, he is
ALWAYS there and appears at his own volition like he did to kavikula guru
kaaLidaasa, and Sankara.

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 3:57 PM, Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com>wrote:

> The Visishtadvaitis have not given any importance to Veda Vyasa Rishi.
> They simply call him as Kashcit Rishihi. But the Dvaitis give a lot of
> importance to him. They say Madhvacharya got instructions from him in
> the Himalayas and he is living there even now. In the Mahabharata
> Tatparya Nirnaya he is given lot of importance. He is Vishnu Avatara.
> What is the position of Veda Vyasa in Advaita tradition?
> --
> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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नगुरोरधिकं नगुरोरधिकं नगुरोरधिकं नगुरोरधिकम्।
शिवशासनतश्शिवशासनतः शिवशासनतश्शिवशासनतः ।।

- श्यामसुन्दर शर्मा

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