[Advaita-l] Position of Prapatti Marga?

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 07:24:50 CDT 2011


The Visishtadvaitis give a lot of importance to Prapatti Marga.  This
is known as Saranagati also. It is Self Surrender to God.  If a man is
incapable of doing even Bhakti Sadhana he surrenders to God
completely.  God will take care of him.  But this Prapatti is not
recognized as a independent method by Dvaitis. They say there is no
Scriptural Basis for Prapatti independent of Bhakti.  If Prapatti is
there it has to be part of Bhakti only.

On this point only there is a great debate between our two Vaishnava
cousins.   Even today they argue on this.

What is the position of Advaitis on this? Jnana Marga is best but
Bhakti can be useful. Have any Advaitic Gurus said much on Prapatti?



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