[Advaita-l] Hanuman is Siva's son

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Namaste Venkatesh Ji,
Ashtothra of Sri Hanumantha Ji contains '*Om Rudhra-veerya-samudbavaaya
namah' which means he was born born from the energy of Sri Rudra Shiva.*
*Another interesting nama is 'Om Bhavashiyacchaturananaya Namah' which means
he would be the future Brahma. *

*Om Tat Sat,*

On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 5:20 PM, Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Namaste Sri Sriram
> I believe Hanuman is Siva's son. I am sending the details from Kamba
> Ramayana and Valmiki Ramayana.
> Reference Book- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Puranas By Swami
> Parameshwaranand
> A nymph. She was the servantmaid of Brhaspati. Once day she was
> collecting flowers
> for her Guru in a garden when a set of young men and women came to the
> garden for amorous
> sports. They were roaming about in the garden in pairs doing all sorts
> of erotic acts and
> Puñjikasthalã stood watching them for sometime with passion aroused in
> her. She returned miserable to
> the Úrama thinking all the way about her miserable lot of having no
> husband to enjoy a
> similar life. She was full of lust when she returned to the ãšrama and
> on seeing Brhaspati she
> caught hold of him by the hand and pleaded to satisfy her passion.
> Brhaspati was angry at this
> improper request and cursed her “You have become rotten. You have
> become lustful by see-
> ing the amorous sports of others, May you be born as a monkey. Get out
> of this Úrama.”
> Puñjikasthalã came to her senses and regretting her hasty act begged
> her Guru to grant her
> release from the curse. Brhaspati felt pity on her and said “Go and
> enjoy to your full sexual
> life with a lover whom you like best. Then you will get a son from the
> vitality of šiva. When
> that son is born you will be released from the curse and you will go to
> heaven.”
> She became immediately a monkey girl named Añjanã and started living
> in a forest of
> that name itself. She fell in love with a monkey by named Kesari there
> and lived for many
> years enjoying an amorous life. She did not get a child even after
> several years and then she
> prayed to Šiva for a child.
> It was at that time that Pãrvati and Paramešvara played amorous sports
> in the form of
> monkeys and Pãrvati became pregnant. Pãrvati expressed reluctance to
> be the mother of a
> monkey child and then Šiva by his divine powers deposited his semen
> virile through
> Vãyubhagavãn (god of wind) into the womb of Anjana who was then
> praying to him for a
> child. Coming to know of this through Nãrada and fearing that his
> lordship over the monkeys
> would be lost if such a monkey were born to Añjanã Vãli poured into
> the belly of Añjanã
> molten liquid of pañcaloha (five metals). Añjanã was not the least
> injured and she gave birth in
> due course to monkey son who became the celebrated Hanùmãn, the
> life-force of the Rama
> Rãvana tussle. (Pûrvakanda, Kamba Rãmãyana: Kishkindhã Kãnda. Vãlmiki
> Rãmãyana).
> --
> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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