[Advaita-l] Hanuman is Siva's son

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Namaste Sri Sriram

I believe Hanuman is Siva's son. I am sending the details from Kamba
Ramayana and Valmiki Ramayana.

Reference Book- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Puranas By Swami Parameshwaranand


A nymph. She was the servantmaid of Brhaspati. Once day she was
collecting flowers
for her Guru in a garden when a set of young men and women came to the
garden for amorous
sports. They were roaming about in the garden in pairs doing all sorts
of erotic acts and
Puñjikasthalã stood watching them for sometime with passion aroused in
her. She returned miserable to
the Úrama thinking all the way about her miserable lot of having no
husband to enjoy a
similar life. She was full of lust when she returned to the ãšrama and
on seeing Brhaspati she
caught hold of him by the hand and pleaded to satisfy her passion.
Brhaspati was angry at this
improper request and cursed her “You have become rotten. You have
become lustful by see-
ing the amorous sports of others, May you be born as a monkey. Get out
of this Úrama.”
Puñjikasthalã came to her senses and regretting her hasty act begged
her Guru to grant her
release from the curse. Brhaspati felt pity on her and said “Go and
enjoy to your full sexual
life with a lover whom you like best. Then you will get a son from the
vitality of šiva. When
that son is born you will be released from the curse and you will go to heaven.”

She became immediately a monkey girl named Añjanã and started living
in a forest of
that name itself. She fell in love with a monkey by named Kesari there
and lived for many
years enjoying an amorous life. She did not get a child even after
several years and then she
prayed to Šiva for a child.

It was at that time that Pãrvati and Paramešvara played amorous sports
in the form of
monkeys and Pãrvati became pregnant. Pãrvati expressed reluctance to
be the mother of a
monkey child and then Šiva by his divine powers deposited his semen
virile through
Vãyubhagavãn (god of wind) into the womb of Anjana who was then
praying to him for a
child. Coming to know of this through Nãrada and fearing that his
lordship over the monkeys
would be lost if such a monkey were born to Añjanã Vãli poured into
the belly of Añjanã
molten liquid of pañcaloha (five metals). Añjanã was not the least
injured and she gave birth in
due course to monkey son who became the celebrated Hanùmãn, the
life-force of the Rama
Rãvana tussle. (Pûrvakanda, Kamba Rãmãyana: Kishkindhã Kãnda. Vãlmiki Rãmãyana).



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