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 Hariram Atreya is my friend and he did his MS from Texas A&M
University. He then returned back to India learned veda-s formally
and now has become a teacher at this paaThashaala (you can see his
picture at   http://parampara.in/inauguration/dsc05661.jpg).

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hi Ravi / Jaldhar,

The mail below was forwarded to me. I saw [advaita-l] tagged to it.
Hence the mail to you. Been thinking of mailing you for long to talk
about my recent activities.
This forwarded mail has turned out to be the trigger.
Would appreciate it, if you could forward this to the mailing list too.

(about parampara.in)
I am part of parampara.in mentioned in the mail.
Shri Jyotiraditya Shrowti (mentioned as "Acharya"  in the mail)
has been running the Veda Paathashaalaa for the past three
years. I joined him, and we recently moved the paathashaalaa
to a place near Kumbhakonam on the banks of Kaaveri.
In addition to having paathashaalaas, we are looking
to build communities around it, and to network among
paathashaalaas. In the short term, looking to organize
a paathashaalaa census.

(book fair)
It was a unique experience to have been part of the
Samskrita Book Fair. It was a huge positive response
by the visitors, for chanting & teaching at our stall.

(about me)
I used to be a silent subscriber to advaita-l in the past
and have learnt a lot from the list. Since then I completed
the adhyayana of Krishna Yajur Veda and recently started teaching
(a career change from being a computer engineer to vedic studies)

During a face to face to meeting with Jaldhar, he emphasized
the need to contribute back to the list. I agreed with him
at that time. Later the thought process was -
I sure am not qualified (yet) to talk about advaita.
Shishtaachaara as practiced by a Tamil Smaartha, I can be useful.
Advaita - not yet.
So never got around resubscribing....


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At the recent mega Sanskrit Book Fair in Bangalore, amidst hundreds of
stalls for books one stall had this unique 'display':

An Acharya with about eight of his young students was teaching Veda
with the boys repeating after him in a space of about 6' x 6'.  It was
a very nice sight and sound experience.  A person connected to that
pAThashAla handed out a couple of leaflets.  It contained a URL:


There was also a newsletter of the pAThashAla handed out.

I mentioned the above here as there is an effort to identify
VedapAThashAla-s and assess their financial/other needs and help them.

I wish to share a fine experience that I had during my most recent
visit to Sringeri.  During the night Chandramouleeswara pUjaa
performed by HH the Jagadguru Himself, after the chanting of Sri
Rudram/chamakam, the PuruSha/Sree/Durga SUktams, a set of vidyArthis
and their adhyApaka chanted portions from the Rg Veda.  The chanting,
in fine pace and unison, created a very soothing feeling.  I was told
that a few days ago HH had asked the Yajur Veda to be chanted daily at
that time and it was concluded at a particular stage and now the Rg
Veda samhita chanting is going on daily.  I stayed for three days
there and had the wonderful opportunity of listening to the chanting.
On earlier occasions I have also heard the Yajurveda samhita chanting
during the night pUja.

वेदो नित्यमधीयतां तदुदितं कर्म स्वनुष्ठीयतां
तेनेशस्य विधीयतां अपचितिः काम्ये मतिस्त्यज्यताम् ।
पापौघः परिधूयतां भवसुखे दोषोऽनुसन्धीयतां
आत्मेच्छा व्यवसीयतां निजगृाहात्तूर्णं विनिर्गम्यताम् ॥ १ ॥

[Study the Veda everyday, perform the duties enjoined therein.
Through such a performance worship the Lord.  Give up attachment to
the objects of desire. By performing the veda-enjoined duties and
devotion to God, cleanse yourself of all sins.  Contemplate on the
evils of worldly pleasures.  Develop desire for attaining
Self-knowledge.  Quickly give up attachment to hearth and home.]

(साधनपञ्चकम् of Sri Shankaracharya)


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