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Sun Jan 16 05:44:19 CST 2011


At the recent mega Sanskrit Book Fair in Bangalore, amidst hundreds of
stalls for books one stall had this unique 'display':

An Acharya with about eight of his young students was teaching Veda with the
boys repeating after him in a space of about 6' x 6'.  It was a very nice
sight and sound experience.  A person connected to that pAThashAla handed
out a couple of leaflets.  It contained a URL:

http://www.parampara.in/  <http://www.parampara.in/>

There was also a newsletter of the pAThashAla handed out.

I mentioned the above here as there is an effort to identify
VedapAThashAla-s and assess their financial/other needs and help them.

I wish to share a fine experience that I had during my most recent visit to
Sringeri.  During the night Chandramouleeswara pUjaa performed by HH the
Jagadguru Himself, after the chanting of Sri Rudram/chamakam, the
PuruSha/Sree/Durga SUktams, a set of vidyArthis and their adhyApaka chanted
portions from the Rg Veda.  The chanting, in fine pace and unison, created a
very soothing feeling.  I was told that a few days ago HH had asked the
Yajur Veda to be chanted daily at that time and it was concluded at a
particular stage and now the Rg Veda samhita chanting is going on daily.  I
stayed for three days there and had the wonderful opportunity of listening
to the chanting.  On earlier occasions I have also heard the Yajurveda
samhita chanting during the night pUja.

वेदो नित्यमधीयतां तदुदितं कर्म स्वनुष्ठीयतां
तेनेशस्य विधीयतां अपचितिः काम्ये मतिस्त्यज्यताम् ।
पापौघः परिधूयतां भवसुखे दोषोऽनुसन्धीयतां
आत्मेच्छा व्यवसीयतां निजगृाहात्तूर्णं विनिर्गम्यताम् ॥ १ ॥

[Study the Veda everyday, perform the duties enjoined therein.  Through such
a performance worship the Lord.  Give up attachment to the objects of
desire. By performing the veda-enjoined duties and devotion to God, cleanse
yourself of all sins.  Contemplate on the evils of worldly pleasures.
Develop desire for attaining Self-knowledge.  Quickly give up attachment to
hearth and home.]

(साधनपञ्चकम् of Sri Shankaracharya)


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