[Advaita-l] Fwd: Trust for veda patashala

Ram Kumar Krishnan ராம குமரன் ramkumaran at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 15:30:26 CST 2011

Dear friends,

It is amazing to see so many replies for the thread and to see the work of
individuals like Hariram Athreya and Mahesh vadiyar.

For many of us Kanchi paramacharyas Deivathin Kural (tamil) and Hindu Dharma
(English) are real eye openers.

He has explained many aspects of our sanatan dharma and importance of vedic

As a first step this is a collection of the details of the some of the veda
patashalas. Anyone who knows more details can update the page by clicking
the link titled Open Document


Thanks and Regards,

உருவாய் அருவாய் உளதாய் இலதாய்
மருவாய் மலராய் மணியாய் ஒளியாய்
கருவாய் உயிராய்க் கதியாய் விதியாய்க்
குருவாய் வருவாய் அருள்வாய் குகனே

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