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> Dear Subbuji,
> According to tradition, there is no possibility of admitting into the fold
> of 'veda rAshi' anything that someone in the world might claim as his
> 'darshana'.  There are texts like 'Sri RamakrishNopanishat', etc. which the
> tradition would not treat as veda mantras.  Not even the revelations said
> to
> be had by Sri KavyakanTha Ganapati Muni's disciple Daivarata will be
> admitted into the fold of Veda.
> //
> The mantra darshana bhAga of Brahmarishi Daivarata is called
> Chandodarshana.  The entire darshana is in the form of
> vedic intonations with 3 svaras.  I have the entire
> copy of the mantra darshanas which resonate with the
> rg vedic mantra / brahmana bhaga.
> What is wrong with it and in what way Ganapati Muni &
> Daivarata (aka Ganapati Bhatt of Gokarna) differ from
> ancient vedic seers?
> The mantra darshana can be done even in modern times and that is what they
> have displayed with their tapas.
> regs,
> sriram
> Dear Sriram ji,

I think there will be some questions that will come up in this regard:

   - There is a method of deciding what one's sva-shakhA is: the one that
   his father studied and the one his father and so on.  I do not know how the
   latest 'veda' will be treated.  In other words, who will be the students
   that will be studying it (adhyayana)?
   - I have heard that there is a vidhi: '....anya shiShyAn na bodhayet' - a
   vedic Acharya should not teach someone who belongs to a shAkhA/veda that is
   different from his own veda/shAkha.  The reason is that by doing so he will
   be disrespectful to the Acharya of the other veda/shAkha. There is a method
   of taking his permission and ceremonially inducting the student of the other
   veda into this veda for study.
   - Who will decide as to which shAkhA or veda the newly discovered mantras
   - First of all, is there any provision in the Veda or sampradaya for
   inclusion of newly discovered mantras into the existing vedic fold?
   - There might be other technical issues that I am unaware of.
   - Have any of the Acharyas of the vedic sampradaya recognized these newly
   discovered mantras?  Do they have the authority to get the general eligible
   public to do adhyayana of them?
   - Who has learned them methodically from whom?
   - To your question on the Vedic seers of the Vedas and the present two I
   can only say that we have no yardstick to make such a comparison.

I have nothing personal for or against the particular two persons involved
in the mantra darshana here.  I am only expressing the general views on


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