[Advaita-l] Anantaa vai vedaah

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Aug 30 10:45:13 CDT 2011

Dear Subbuji,

According to tradition, there is no possibility of admitting into the fold
of 'veda rAshi' anything that someone in the world might claim as his
'darshana'.  There are texts like 'Sri RamakrishNopanishat', etc. which the
tradition would not treat as veda mantras.  Not even the revelations said to
be had by Sri KavyakanTha Ganapati Muni's disciple Daivarata will be
admitted into the fold of Veda.


The mantra darshana bhAga of Brahmarishi Daivarata is called
Chandodarshana.  The entire darshana is in the form of 
vedic intonations with 3 svaras.  I have the entire 
copy of the mantra darshanas which resonate with the
rg vedic mantra / brahmana bhaga.

What is wrong with it and in what way Ganapati Muni & 
Daivarata (aka Ganapati Bhatt of Gokarna) differ from 
ancient vedic seers?  

The mantra darshana can be done even in modern times and that
is what they have displayed with their tapas. 


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