[Advaita-l] Poor Parabrahman

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Tue Aug 2 09:08:27 CDT 2011

Dear sir(s),

Is the ongoing madhwa-bashing any different in quality from
shanakara-bashing? at least madhwa schools declare para-matha-khandana as
part of their adhyathmic duties .. even though they do go overboard.

But that is not a justification to disrespect Aachaaryaas of our vedic
sanaathana Dharma, at least by us  in these times.

Over the last few mails, the conversation has deteriorated to the extent to
say that:
 " because Madhwa literature have no intellectual value.he has not written
any Bhashyas worth the name,and it is said he discoursed only on

Throwing stones at either Shankara or Madhwa  Aachaaryaas is  going to give
anyone neither moksha nor mumukshuthva.  But the conversation has gone from
attacking one's opinions and statements to denigrating an Aachaaryaa  -  for
what purpose...? Proving one's own scholarship, desperate for attention,
such mriga vaasanaas that penance and practice failed to erase...

All the trio:  Shankara, Ramanujarcharya and Madhwa Aachaaryaa-s protected
hindu dharma when the onslaught of non-beleivers, other religions, religious
fanatics were at their peaks.  We owe them all some respect, even if we
don't agree with them or like their statements, or their followers have
their own quirks.  To make such statements like   some Aachaarya from the
Trio has " no intellectual value" or " written any Bhashyas worth the name"
etc. is unfair, immoral, ungrateful, and unethical.  One has to state one's
own accomplishments, prove one's intellectual vigor etc. to speak of other,
lest an Aachaarya, in such terms.  I do not want to enter into an argument
here  only to avoid repeating the same mistake.  If one's sincere to one's
own guru and contemplate in humility and shraddha, truth will dawn in one's
own heart about this.

Whichever of the Trio such verbal attackers follow,  I am sure that
Aachaarya would not smile benevolently when next time one does namaskaaram
to him.

For centuries, this internal feud among the followers of Aachaaryas -
literally calling each other names like street mongrels - has been the one
thing that has stood for the Dharma samstaapana and Rakshana.  This mailing
list has been refreshingly well monitored by great souls like Sadanandaji
and others.  I pray to Mother Ganga to flow through and cleanse the minds of
any fanatics who take upon them to be disrespectful to (any) Aachaarya.

Yentharo mahaanubhavulu, anthariki vandhandamu...

> Infact this has ben continuing from many centuries.The contents of Mani
> manjari is to say the least equal to Porno-yellow literature.Even though the
> Madhwas cannot contest with the advaitins on Brahma siddhanta,they indulge
> only in such types of attacks which to say the least helplesness.Several
> scholars have reverential attitude towards Shankara because Madhwa
> literature have no intellectual value.he has not written any Bhashyas worth
> the name,and it is said he discoursed only on "Aitareyopanishath".
> N.Srikanta.
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