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Sorry for the late response: Sorry for any 
incoherence in my
response below as I type this in a hurry.


Whether Nithyananda is a genuine Guru or not is 
only 10% of
the issue. At a personal level I have nothing to do with him.


The greater issue is the way the church-communist 
alliance tries
to interfere (directly or indirectly through media) in Hindu affairs and
efforts to taint Hindu guru-s to the extent that the common man 
himself Hinduism.


I am in total agreement with V Subramanian-ji and 
Anbu-Sivam-ji’s views on this matter.  I replaced the word God with 
devata-s below :-)


“We do not know who needs what kind of guidance.  
Protector, Provider devata-s have innumerable plans, devices, methods, 
paths laid out
for each individual.  They attract people to their fold thru miracles,
siddhis, cures for afflictions, and the like.  For a vast majority of
people the initial steps to spirituality could be these.  They need to
tread this path. “


Shri Vidyasankar ji writes:


>“although I don't necessarily buy into his 
theory. It is too easy to point >fingers at Christian organizations 
and other
political outfits, without doing much needed >self-critical analysis 


There seems to be a weakness within Nithyananda’s
organization and the church made the best out of it. As an example: A 
traditional sanyasin belonging to the smArta sAmpradaya in my place who 
involved in anti-conversion activities allegedly caught the hand of a 
woman. There was some major pamphleteering on this issue in my home town
when people dug deep into this, it was found out that the one 
these pamphlets were actually Christians.


Similarly you might be familiar with the church 
lying about
the St Thomas Mount in Chennai and how the Arch Bishop of Madras, 
Arulappa paid
15 lakhs to forge some manuscripts by inserting Christian elements into 
Tamil-Hindu works.


Likewise what happened in kandhmal where the church
the job of killing Swami lakshmananda saraswati(who was actively 
involved in
anti-conversion activities) to the communists.


From the time of Emperor Constantine, the Church 
has honed
its mafia tactics and we are dealing with something that used such mafia
tactics successfully for more than 1000 years.



>“Is the weight of sampradAya an impediment

>that distances the more traditional guru-s from the average Hindu?”


No names here: but the pIThAdhipati of a certain 
very traditional
maTha in the south once tried to dissuade a teacher who is an 
mantravAdin from initiating a shUdra student into mantra-s. I am not 
about vaidika mantra-s but those mantra-s where the purANa-s and Agama-s
clearly say, can be given to a shUdra student. There are a few examples 
these. This attitude of the maTha heads will not help us. That is why 
people flock to people like Nithyananda.


>“A person who wears saffron robes, but does not
 have a
time-tested and

 >  authentic guru-paramparA behind him/her, has to be
treated with caution.”


Yes of course. There is a very traditional maTha in
South, known for its orthodoxy but then the maTha head is a homo-sexual.
 I know
this because he tried to force himself upon someone who is very close to
Someone whom I have known for more than 10 years and is a great upAsaka. A traditional
background does not guarantee that everything is genuine but of course 
deviations like the one I mentioned above are quite rare in traditional


Now why do I mention this: What I am trying to say 
is that
there will be minor faults in any institution (whether they be Hindu, 
jaina or pretAchAra i.e. Christianity), and the church and communist 
media seems to be trying every trick in their bags to make use of these 
to eliminate Hinduism for reasons which are very well known.


>“It is too easy to point fingers at Christian
organizations and

>other political outfits, without doing much needed self-critical 


The self –critical analysis is needed no doubt, but
should not lose sight of external organizations, mainly the church and 
communists so that they don’t hammer us to a point where we cannot do 
against their onslaught.


> I feared that something

>of this nature would happen and bring it all down with a big bang. I
hoped that

>this young Swami, no matter his sampradAya or lack thereof, would 
have the

>sense and self-discipline to avoid all this. Guess not.”


I had the same fear when listening to his lectures 
noticed his fame, and here it is unfortunately.


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