[Advaita-l] Swami Nithyananda - the main issue

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Sun Mar 21 05:17:17 CDT 2010

On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 2:15 PM, Satish Arigela <satisharigela at yahoo.com>wrote:

> There was some major pamphleteering on this issue in my home town
>  and when people dug deep into this, it was found out that the one
> distributing these pamphlets were actually Christians.
> Similarly you might be familiar with the church lying about
> the St Thomas Mount in Chennai and how the Arch Bishop of Madras,
> Arulappa paid 15 lakhs to forge some manuscripts by inserting Christian
> elements into
> some Tamil-Hindu works.


In this connection I would like to bring to the notice of those interested
the following:

// The Penguin Group has published a book titled, "The Hindus-An Alternative
History" by a professor of religions at Chicago University by name Wendy
Doniger. This book contains not only many factual errors in Indian history
but also misrepresents the beliefs, traditions and interpretations of a
whole people. //

I received an email fwd from a friend containing a request to sign a
petition to the Publishers to withdraw the book.  The selected portions from
the Book shown in the petition are enough to convince one of the ulterior
motive of the author. There is a lot of explicit and embedded vulgarity in
the author's statements. Even the revered Shankaracharya has not been
spared.  The cover picture of the Book is a close cousin of M F Hussain's
depiction of Hindu Goddesses.

 Om Tat Sat


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