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PraNAms to all

I have not interest either in discussing Nityananda. I appreciate Shree
Vidya's post. But I just want to pint out a Bhajagovindam sloka

jaTilomunDii luncitakeShaH
kaashaayambara bahukRita veShaH
pasyannapicana pasyati muuDhoo
hRidayanimittam bahukRita vEShaH|

Taking orange robes for false reasons is therefore not new. Started perhaps
with Ravana, as the story goes.

It only means that one has to use intellect properly in following somebody
else. Lord has given us intellect to discriminate. Those who are following
the wrong guru are in a sense following the right guru too for them, since
that is what they need to get burned so that they will use the god given
gift - the intellect - properly next time.  In that sense that false guru
was the right guru for them, for they needed that education. This is not
being sarcastic but looking at the facts more objectively as part of the
vibhuuti of the Lord. Hence empahsis on sampradaaya guru as Vidyaji post
suggests and as scripture itself recommends - shrotriyah and brahmaniShTaH.
Emhasis first on shrotriyaH since one cannot evaluate the brahmaniShTaa

Hari Om!

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