[Advaita-l] On the forms of Guru

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Fri Mar 5 07:46:07 CST 2010

> Earlier I had posted that Holy Hill of AruNaachala was the Guru of Bhagavaan
> RamaNa. This cannot be proved to the satisfaction of anyone bent on holding
> that only a person with body, mind and intellect can be a Guru, that all
> communications take place only through the medium of a mind and that the

I would like to clarify one point here. I think there is quite some
misunderstanding over the discussion about the mind of a jnAnI.


It is not the claim that only a person with body, mind and intellect
can be a guru. Rather, the statement is that if a human guru is a
jnAnI, that human being uses his mind and intellect, in order to
teach appropriately. We cannot claim that the jnAnI has NO mind
whatsoever, because we do admit that the jnAnI's physical body
appears before us. I hope the distinction is clear.


Even in the case of the Arunachala hill being the Guru, no doubt
the sight of the hill triggered a manana and a nididhyAsana in the
mind of Ramana Maharishi. We associate holiness with the hill only
because we recognize that it is not a mere physical structure on
the face of the earth. That ISvara behaves in inscrutable ways
does not mean that there is no mental process involved on the
way to the eventual dissolution of the mind.  



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