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Dear Sri Vidyasankarji,

You have said:
"We cannot claim that the jnAnI has NO mind
whatsoever, because we do admit that the jnAnI's physical body
appears before us."

It seems by implication that the mind of the Gnyaani is thus established!

Mind is not an object yet we generalize them.  (All that are generalized
have to be more than one.  All that are in multiples are objects. Anything
that is an object can be controlled.)

So the mind of a gnyaani, by this logic, can be controlled!

Sir, when I say 'my mind' it is certainly an object for me, however it is no
object for everyone.  You would know of my mind if I speak about it,
otherwise you would not know.  You cannot even question the truth of what I
speak of my mind.  Would you agree?

What differentiates Bhagavan Ramana from all others in respect of the mind
is that He advocated 'manOnaasam'.  He, in my conviction, spoke of it after
having achieved it Himself.

Sir, when I first met Bhagavan I did not know him as a gnyaani for I did not
have the faintest clue of who a gnyaani is.  I might have thought that he
was another saadhu beggar.  Perhaps everyone had the same perception as I

A gnyaani sees His own Self in all.  For him there is nothing apart from
Him.  Would you ever trade this idea of a Gnyaani for lokaayadha vaadham?

Our idea that He was a Gnyaani is not at all formed by his physical
appearance and I am not sure if you would agree to that.  People have the
firm conviction that a person speaks and acts driven by his mind.  You and I
as vEdhaanthis do know that even the mind is impelled by samskaaras.  If I
ever say that a Gnyaani can act and talk without the mind it does come from
my conviction but I am incapable of proving the same.

However my knowledge that he was a Gnyaani was from my own personal anubhava
that cannot be generalized and therefore I would not like to share it.
Therefore it is just my doubtless conviction, that is all.

I have explained how one is blessed to come into contact with a Gnyaani in
my posting on 'karmaadhikaari'.  It is not fortuitous.


On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 8:46 AM, Vidyasankar Sundaresan <
svidyasankar at hotmail.com> wrote:

> > Earlier I had posted that Holy Hill of AruNaachala was the Guru of
> Bhagavaan
> > RamaNa. This cannot be proved to the satisfaction of anyone bent on
> holding
> > that only a person with body, mind and intellect can be a Guru, that all
> > communications take place only through the medium of a mind and that the
> I would like to clarify one point here. I think there is quite some
> misunderstanding over the discussion about the mind of a jnAnI.
> It is not the claim that only a person with body, mind and intellect
> can be a guru. Rather, the statement is that if a human guru is a
> jnAnI, that human being uses his mind and intellect, in order to
> teach appropriately. We cannot claim that the jnAnI has NO mind
> whatsoever, because we do admit that the jnAnI's physical body
> appears before us. I hope the distinction is clear.
> Even in the case of the Arunachala hill being the Guru, no doubt
> the sight of the hill triggered a manana and a nididhyAsana in the
> mind of Ramana Maharishi. We associate holiness with the hill only
> because we recognize that it is not a mere physical structure on
> the face of the earth. That ISvara behaves in inscrutable ways
> does not mean that there is no mental process involved on the
> way to the eventual dissolution of the mind.
> Regards,
> Vidyasankar
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