[Advaita-l] On the forms of Guru

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Wed Mar 3 06:45:28 CST 2010

Earlier I had posted that Holy Hill of AruNaachala was the Guru of Bhagavaan
RamaNa.  This cannot be proved to the satisfaction of anyone bent on holding
that only a person with body, mind and intellect can be a Guru, that all
communications take place only through the medium of a mind and that the
process of sravaNam, mananam and Nidhidhyaasanam should immediately precede
enlightenment.  The great AruNagirinaathar who jumped from the top of the
temple tower in ThiruvaNNamalai with a view to committing suicide was saved
by Lord Muruga and taught Gnaana in infinitesimally small time by his
kataaksham.  AruNagirinaathar's anubhoothi is a vEdhavaakyam for Muruga
Bhakthas who sing it everyday.  Many of his songs are advaithic in nature.

In his Kandhar Anubhoothi AruNagiri describes the various forms of Guru as

உருவாய்  அருவாய்  உளதாய்  இலதாய்
மருவாய்  மலராய்  மணியாய்  ஒளியாய்
கருவாய்  உயிராய்  கதியாய்  விதியாய்
குருவாய்  வருவாய்  அருள்வாய்  குஹனே

Uruvaai aruvaai uladhaai iladhaai
maruvaai malaraai maniyaai oliyaai
karuvaai uyiraai gadhiyaai vidhiyaai
guruvaai varuvaai aruLvaai guhanE

O! Lord Muruga you are the one with the form, you are also one without a
form. You are the one who has it all, and you are the one who does not have
it all, you are present in the smallest, in the flower, in the ring of the
bell, and in the Light. You are the embryo, you are the life, you are the
destiny, and you are the fate. Please come upon us as our Guru and bestow
your blessings.
(Translation from Panchangam.com)

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