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Dear friends,
I have not continued in this thread earlier, But this mail of Subramanianji is interesting. To me there is no greater Vaishnava than Adi Sankara. His first bhashya was on Vishusahasranaama, (Did he write any on Shivashranaama?) He wrote bhashya on the Bhagavad Gita and not on the Shivagita. He wrote BhajaGovindam and not  BhajaShivam. Like his Shivanandalahari he wrote the Krishnanandalahari, which of course is known by another name. I don't think there has been any acharya, who is greater Vaishnava than Adi Sankaracharjya. Similarly there is no greater Shaiva than Adi Sankaracharya. He saw Brahman in both Lord Shiva and Vishnu.
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Shri Ravishankar,

Please cool down. I am not a member of Gaudiya Vaishnava movement, despite
my email id. It is just a nickname. dAsyam one of the nine best forms of
Bhakti as explained by the Bhagavata verse "shravaNam kIrtanam vishNoH
smaraNam, pAda sevanam vandanam arcyam dAsyam, Atma-nivedanam". This verse
has been quoted by Madhusudana under Gita 18.65

The purpose of the question was not to offend anybody. In Tamil, there is a
saying "edhiri veTTina kuLaththile thaNNi eDukkaRadhu" which means
"supplying water to soldiers on our side, from a pond built by the enemy".
Hence, I was thinking if it was possible to refute the assertion made by
Vaishnavas that Sankara was a Vaishnava, using the same pramANas that *they*
use for making the assertion -- ie., prasthAna-trayi bhASyas. Otherwise, we
can try and show that Dakshinamurty-stotra/Manasollasa are genuine works,
using *their* criteria.

If such discussions are not allowed/not encouraged on this list, senior
members/moderators may very well intervene and say so.

Hari Smaranam
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