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Dear Sri Rajaram Venkatraman and temple
You   have yourselves  quoted Sri Sankara`s bhashyam as to what He has said 
about anya devatha.If you look at sloka 9.23 -yepyanyadevatha ------Avidhi 
poorvakam-of the Gita the meaning for anyadevatha is other demigods.What 
Lord Krishna says here is that Sraddha is the cornerstone for worship.There 
is no anyadevatha other than Brahman but because of avidhya this situation 
arises-avidhi poorvakam-.Even then if it is done with sraddha one will 
attain annulment of avidhya leading to Brahmagyanam.Rituals and worship of 
ishta devathas are part of Vedic tradition but one should transcend them by 
self enquiry.I hope it helps your search.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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>I had raised this question earlier but did not get an answer - hence
> raising again. I would like to know who is anya devata (BG 9.25)
> according to advaita tradition please. I know that some Vaishnavas
> hold the opinion that Sankara was a Vaishnava but he tradition got
> influenced over time.
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