[Advaita-l] Anya Devata

Ramanan Subramanian prahladadasa at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 02:54:18 CDT 2010

Shri Ravishankar,

Please cool down. I am not a member of Gaudiya Vaishnava movement, despite
my email id. It is just a nickname. dAsyam one of the nine best forms of
Bhakti as explained by the Bhagavata verse "shravaNam kIrtanam vishNoH
smaraNam, pAda sevanam vandanam arcyam dAsyam, Atma-nivedanam". This verse
has been quoted by Madhusudana under Gita 18.65

The purpose of the question was not to offend anybody. In Tamil, there is a
saying "edhiri veTTina kuLaththile thaNNi eDukkaRadhu" which means
"supplying water to soldiers on our side, from a pond built by the enemy".
Hence, I was thinking if it was possible to refute the assertion made by
Vaishnavas that Sankara was a Vaishnava, using the same pramANas that *they*
use for making the assertion -- ie., prasthAna-trayi bhASyas. Otherwise, we
can try and show that Dakshinamurty-stotra/Manasollasa are genuine works,
using *their* criteria.

If such discussions are not allowed/not encouraged on this list, senior
members/moderators may very well intervene and say so.

Hari Smaranam

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