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Sivaanandalahari - 82बाणत्वं वृषभत्व-मर्धवपुषा भार्यात्व-मार्यापते
घोणित्वं सखिता मृदंगवहता चेत्यादिरूपं दधौ ।
त्वत्पदे नयनार्पणं च कृतवान् त्वद्देहभागो हरि:
पूज्यात्पूज्यतरस्य एव हि न चेत् को वा तदन्योऽधिक: ॥ ८२ ॥

bANatvaM vRuShaBatva-mardhavapuShA BAryAtva-mAryApate
ghoNitvaM sakhitA mRudaMgavahatA chetyAdirUpaM dadhau |
tvatpade nayanArpaNaM cha kRutavAn tvaddehaBAgo hari:
pUjyAtpUjyatarasya eva hi na chet ko vA tadanyo&dhika: || 82 ||

Oh Lord of Arya ! Hari ( Lord Vishnu) had taken various forms such as your
arrow, bull, taken half of your body as your wife, boar, friend and drum
player. He has surrendered his eyes at your feet. He has also taken part in
your form of Harihara. Hence he is worshipped more than anyone else. If not
who else is greater than Him ?


*hE aaryaapathE* = Hey! Ambhika samEtha ParamEswara!
*hari:* = MahaavishNu;
*hi* = for whatever reason;
*bhaaNathwam* = in the matter of samhaara of Tripuraasura he became an arrow
in your hand;
*vrushabhathwam* = as the vrushabha vaahana;
*ardhavapushaa* = by occupying half the sareeram;
*bhaaryathvam* = being wife;
*gONithwam* = in the desire to see your feet remaining in the form of a pig;
*sakhithaa* = by taking mOhinswaroopam being your friend;
*muthangavahathaa* = when you are dancing he being your mridangist;
*ithyaadhi roopam* = of such many veshams;
*thadhow* = he donned;
*cha* = moreover (as if the above are not enough);
*thvathpaadhE* = in your charaNaaravindham;
*nayanaarpaNam* = surrendering his eye;
*kruthvaan* = he did (for that reason);
*thvaddhEhabhaaga:* = having a part of your body;
*sa Eva* = only that Mahaavishnu;
*poojyaath(u)* = among those to be worshipped;
*poojyathara:* = superior one to be worshipped;
*na chEth(u)* = if it not be (that he has half your body);
*thaddhanya:* =Is there any one other than that Mahaavishnu even without any
*adhika:* = having greater mahimaa;
*kO vaa *= who is there?

He! ParamEswara!  It is only with great audacity can one come to know of
you. Therefore resorting to bhakthiyOga is more easier for ordinary
people.   The sruthi says by such vaakyas as 'yathO vaachO nivarthanthE
apraapya manasaa saha'  that it is not easy to know of the swaroopam of
ParamEswara, of his mahimaa, of his extra-ordinary sakthi.  Thus it
indicates that Bhakthi maargam to be adhi sulabham.  Therefore praaNis
should choose one of the nine bhakthiyOgas that are sravaNam,  keerthanam,
smaraNam, paadhasEvanam, archanam, vandhanam, dhaasyam, sakyam and aathma
nivEdhanam and through that achieve their janma saapalyam.

AachaaryaaL gives the supreme example of Sri Mahaavishnu who took many
roopams to know of ParamEswara of the greatest mahimaa and in the end proved
himself to be the greatest poojyadharan.  Hey! ParamEswara! When you were
doing the samhaaram of Tripuraasuran, Mahaavishnu, in order to know your
sakthi became an arrow in your hand. In another time he took the form of
Vrishabha vaahana swaroopan to know you.  In another time he occupied half
your body and became your bhaaryaa.  Moreover in order to find your holy
feet he took the form of a pig and dug into the earth as far as he could.
In MOhini roopam he was your sakhi.  In addion to this for your
aanandhanatanam during pradhOsham time he plays mridhangam for you.  And lo
and behold! he even surrendered his eye during his poojanam to you!  Hey!
ParamEswara! because he has your dhEhasambhandham he, Mahaavishnu is
poojyadharan.  From this, Hey! ParamEswara! it is by your prasaadham that
Mahaavishnu has the siddhi of his vishnuthvam.

'EkO havai naaraayaNa: aaseeth(u)' is the sruthi vaakya that does the
nirdhaaraNam that Mahaavishnu is the moolakaaraNam for everything. Yet the
saasthras say: "moolabhoothasya sivasaakshaath moolamasya katham bhavEth"
i.e. for everything the moolabhootham is ParamEswara and how can there be a
cause for him?  It is therefore clear that one need not search for a god
beyond ParamEswara.  It is therefore imperative that one should do
Sivabhakthi to get mOkshasukham.  If Vishnu is poojyadharan Hey! PrabhO! you
are poojyathaman!  Therefore without your prasaadham all efforts will become

Anyone who chants this slOka and do a namaskaaram in Sivasannidhi is bound
to attain sivaayujyamukthi.  There is no doubt about it.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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