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I am passing this message on in case it is of interest to list members. 
Please contact the author directly if you have questions.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

      My book entitled "Science of Life"  is now ready for preview. This 
book is actually about s`Mkara's advaita veedaaMta.  It is meant for all 
serious thinkers, all seekers of truth.  It is not a highly technical or 
scholarly work, it is meant for ordinary readers.  The aim is to seek the 
ultimate truth.  It presents an integrated, holistic study of the true 
nature of the universe, the true nature of ourselves and our internal 
world, what exactly is life and how to live.  It contains the essence of 
the veeda-s, the upanishat-s, and giitaa, re-written for the people of 
today's generation educated in the modern western system of education, 
written in their language and parlance, keeping in mind their views and 
goals of life, their problems and confusions. If taken seriously and in 
the right spirit, I believe the ideas contained in this book can lead us 
all towards a better tomorrow.

I would like eminent scholars to pre-view the book before it goes for 
publication. The table of contents is enclosed to give you an idea about 
the nature of the book and the kinds of topics covered.

Kindly forward this mail to all the members in your group. You may also 
feel free to forward this mail to anybody anywhere in the world you know.

Thanks and Regards,
Kavi Narayana Murthy

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