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Vishy vishy1962 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 27 01:12:59 CST 2010


Michealji /Sadaji
Hope you might have seen the movie 'Avatar'. Though it looks like typical science fiction, I feel it has got hidden philosophical  message. I interpret in this way....

Pandoara is the world where every thing exists in 'Natural State'
the bird which the 'Navis' tame and take flights of fantasies is nothing but their 'Mind' (ahankara/ maya). when tamed and kept under control it can be used as your servent and use them for fanatsy flights
The red big bird which the hero tames is the 'collective mind ' of the society, thats why he is worshipped and become leader after controlling the same
Observe that those natives use the bird only when tehy want for fun and not attached to it
The holy tree is nothing but 'universal consciousness' (Brahman) when connected with a person after shedding the one's ego experiences pure Bliss and get slutions for all the problems
 on the other hand humans are shown as totally out of natural state and hence with full of greed and destructive attitude. Their minds(the machines they use to fly) are artificially made/orrowed and used only for destruction
Though the men with artificial means look powerful , finally those with natural state connected with universal cons wins ultimately
Agree with my interpretations???  Finally what a movie on the lines of Matrix triology

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