[Advaita-l] Sivaanandalahari - 73

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Sivaanandalahari - 73
भूदारता-मुदवहध्यदपेक्षया श्री-
भूदार एव किमतस्सुमते लभस्व ।
पादारविन्दभजनं परमेश्‍वरस्य ॥ ७३ ॥

BUdAratA-mudavahadhyadapekShayA SrI-
BUdAra eva kimatassumate laBasva |
pAdAravindaBajanaM parameS^varasya || 73 ||

Oh good brain, strive to attain the lotus feet of Lord Paramesvara, for
which Lord Vishnu, who has Sridevi and Bhoodevi as his consorts, took the
form of a boar and which is the fertile land for growing the herb of
liberation desired by the world. What else better is there to be attained?


*hE sumathE* = Hey! the one with the splendid buddhi!
*yadhapekshayaa* = with the abhilaashaNa (longing) to see the lotus feet of
*sreebhoodhaara eva* = Mahavishnu who has Lakshmi and Bhoodevi as his
*bhoodhaarathaam* = took the form of a pig;
*atha:* =  different act could have been;
*kim* = what could be?
*atha:* = therefrore;
*aakalithamukthimahoushadheenaam* = the herbs of MOksha that are sought for;
*kEdhaaram *= fertile ground;
*ParamEswarasya* =of saakshaath ParamEswara;
*paadhaaravindhabhaja *= the bhajana of the lotus feet of;
*labhasva* = may you attain.

Hey! Splendid buddhee! You are very smart! You do not waste your life in
desiring the impermanent lOkas.  Please do listen to me patiently.  Let me
remind you that saakshaath Vaikundaadhipathi Varaaha Swamy who has Lakshmi
as his wife known by the SRI sabhdham and bhoomaadevi known by BHU sabhdham
Himself took the form of a boar to reach the lotus feet of ParamEswara by
boring down the earth but could not find them.  He was later upset  that he
took the form of a pig to have dharshan of the lotus feet of ParamEswara
discarding his thEjaswaroopam.  Is there any proof needed, O! Buddhi! that
there is no greater God than ParamEswara?

Therefore hey! Splendid Buddhi! saaroopyam, saameepyam, saalOkyam and
saayujyam are the mOkshapadhavis sought by the praaNis and where else would
they get them apart from the lotus feet of ParamEswara which is the ground
growing these superior herbs?  So get quick and do the sEvaa to His lotus
feet and get your janma attain sabalam.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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