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Sivaanandalahari - 72ध्यानांजनेन समवेक्ष्य तम:-प्रदेशं
भित्वा महाबलिभि-रीश्‍वरनाम-मन्त्रै: ।
दिव्याश्रितं भुजगभूषण-मुद्वहन्ति
ये पादपद्म-मिह ते शिव ते कृतार्था: ॥ ७२ ॥

dhyAnAMjanena samavekShya tama:-pradeSaM
BitvA mahAbaliBi-rIS^varanAma-mantrai: |
divyASritaM BujagaBUShaNa-mudvahanti
ye pAdapadma-miha te Siva te kRutArthA: || 72 ||

Oh ShivA, Only those have obtained the objective of life who, with
meditation as the instrument of magic unearthed the location of the treasure
hidden by the darkness ( of lack of knowledge or AgyAna ) and brought up the
wealth of your holy feet with ornaments of serpants and worshipped by the
Devas chanting the name of the Lord Isvara.


**hE siva* = Hey! ParamEswara!
*yE* = those;
*dhyaanaanjanEya* = collyrium called dhyaana;
*samavEkshya* = well understood;
*easwaranaamamanthrai:* = easwara naama manthras;
*mahaabalibhi:* = superior sacrifice;
*thama: pradEsam* = the place of agnyaana;
*bhithwaa* = shearing apart;
*dhivyaasritham* = occupied by the gods;
*bhujagabhooshaNam* = having a snake as the ornament;
*thE* = your;
*paadhapadhmam* = lotus feet;
*iha* = in this janma;
*udhvahanthi* = those who reach;
*thE* = they;
*krithaarthaa:* = considered to have attained their objective.


Man is generally engulfed in agnaana and there is a belief that it is due to
his worship of anya devathas. And the belief is that there is a certain
anjana (collyrium) that you wear in your eyes that would wards off these
anya devathaas who blind you to a treasure that they are guarding . Because
of this anjana you are able to see that which you have not seen before.
Using this belief Aachaaryaal says that 'dhyaanam' is the anjana and it
breaks the darkness of that place (thama: pradhEsam) so that one could see
Sivaa's paadhapadhmam which is sorrounded by jewel headed snakes.
Aachaaryaal compares this to the treasure (bhujagabhooshanam).

naasthi dhyaanasamam theertham naasthi dhyaanasamam thapa: |
naasthi dhyaanasamO yagnyasthasmaaddhyaanam samaacharEth ||

those who understand that there is no better theertham or thapas or yagnya
than Sivadhyaanam and constantly do the japam of 'aum namasivaaya' would
have their moola agnyaanam destroyed and reach the paadhapadhmam of

Those who recite this sloka and do namaskaaram to ParamEswara would surely
reach sivaayujya padhavi.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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