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Sivaanandalahari - 74आशापाश-क्लेश-दुर्वासनादि-
भेदोध्युक्‍तै-र्दिव्यगन्धै-रमन्दै: ।
आशा-शाटीकस्य पादारविन्दं
चेत:-पेटीं वासितां मे तनोतु ॥ ७४ ॥

Bedodhyuktai-rdivyagandhai-ramandai: |
ASA-SATIkasya pAdAravindaM
cheta:-peTIM vAsitAM me tanotu || 74 ||

May the foul smell of bond of desires, attachment, dilemmas be removed by
the limitless devine fragrance of the lotus feet of Mahesvara and make the
box of my mind a good one.


**aasaasaateekasya* = one who has the directions as his vasthram;
*paadhaaravindham* = lotus feet;
*aasaapaasaklEsadhurvaasanaadhimEdhOdhyukthai:* = one who is bent on getting
rid of the vishaya sukhas such as paasam (bond) and klEsam (affliction);
*dhivyagandhai:* = heavenly smells;
*mE* = my;
*chE: pEteem* = the box of the mind;
*amandhai:* = immeasurable ;
*vaasithaam* = having the smell;
*thanOthu* = be done.

ஆசையறுமின்கள் ஆசையறுமின்கள்
ஈசனோடாயினும் ஆசையறுமின்கள்
ஆசைப்படப்பட ஆய்வருந்துன்பன்கள்
ஆசைவிடவிட ஆனந்தமாமே.

Hey! Parameswara! All praaNis indulge in sathkarmas in order to reap the
sukham from it without realizing that they are of temporary nature. They are
not bent into knowing their aathmaswaroopam. Do do not know what is the
inquiry that leads to the end of knowledge. Because of this they remain pasu
and are bound by the paasam such as kaamam, karmam, desire, klEsam. They are
also bound by such enemies as krOdham, lObham, mOham, madham and maathsaryam
and thus lose their power of discrimination to do Bhajanam of you Oh!

Hey! Parameswara! I happen to be one such pasu bound by these aasaa-paasam
and am boxed in the putrid smell generated by them. You are the One who is
capable of breaking this box and let me in your Paadha Kamalam to indulge
the most sacred and divine smell.

Aasaam vihaya parihruthya parasya nindhaam
PapE rathim cha sunivaarya mana: samaadhou |
Aadhaaya hruth kamala Madhya gatham parEsam
VaraaNasi pura pathim Bhaja Viswanaatham ||

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