[Advaita-l] VedaprAmANya in Advaita

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> The dvaitin-s also have a related criticism about the advaitic view of
> scripture.
> We hold that even the veda-s are ultimately only within the realm of
> vyavahAra
> and cease to hold sway in brahman-realization. That is seen by dvaitins as
> a
> contradictory position regarding the prAmANya of the veda-s.
> To this, there is a very simple answer from the bRhadAraNyakopanishat
> (given
> here with sandhi separated, for clarity) -
> tatra pitA apitA bhavati mAtA amAtA lokA alokA devA adevA vedA avedA yajnA
> ayajnAH - there, the father is no longer father, mother is no longer
> mother,
> the worlds are no longer worlds, gods are no longer gods, scriptures are no
> longer scriptures, sacrifices are no longer sacrifices.
> This one sentence is enough to validate only the advaitic view of
> scripture!
> Vidyasankar
> Namaste.

An article addressing this objection in a comprehensive manner, taking Sri
Vadiraja's criticism is presented here in a few parts, under a separate


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