[Advaita-l] VedaprAmANya in Advaita

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 2 10:17:24 CDT 2010

> //Dvaitin's criticism is that, given the fact that Brahman is known only by
> the Veda pramANa, how can Advaitins posit existence of Brahman first using
> vAk based aagama and then contradict themselves by holding Brahman is
> avAchya? Either do not accept Brahman's existence, or say Brahman exists and
> do not say He is avAchya. If you accept Brahman's existence and say He is
> avAchya at the same time, it is nothing but contradiction.//

The dvaitin-s also have a related criticism about the advaitic view of scripture.
We hold that even the veda-s are ultimately only within the realm of vyavahAra
and cease to hold sway in brahman-realization. That is seen by dvaitins as a
contradictory position regarding the prAmANya of the veda-s.

To this, there is a very simple answer from the bRhadAraNyakopanishat (given
here with sandhi separated, for clarity) -


tatra pitA apitA bhavati mAtA amAtA lokA alokA devA adevA vedA avedA yajnA
ayajnAH - there, the father is no longer father, mother is no longer mother, 
the worlds are no longer worlds, gods are no longer gods, scriptures are no
longer scriptures, sacrifices are no longer sacrifices.

This one sentence is enough to validate only the advaitic view of scripture!


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