[Advaita-l] VedaprAmANya in Advaita

Murali Karamchedu murali_m_k at msn.com
Fri Apr 2 12:33:49 CDT 2010

>*Veda, the only pramANa for knowing Brahman *

Is this position held rigorously? If so how is one to interpret the following 
position of the acharya in BSB (I.1.2), where while the acharya establishes the 
connection between anumAnA and Sruti and says - 

is not the case that sruti, etc., are the only means of knowledge in
the inquiry 
into Brahman, as is the case in the inquiry into dharma.
Rather, sruti, etc.,
as well as experience, etc., are means of
knowledge as far as their capability 
allows, since knowledge of Brahman
concludes in experience, and has an 
existent object as its topic". (na
dharmajijnasayam iva SrutyAdaya eva pramAnAm 
brahmajijnAsayam; kim tu SrutyAdayo 'nubhavAdayasca yathAsambhavam iha 
anubhavAvasanatvad bhutavastuviSayatvAcca brahmajnanasya).

Here, the 'adi' after anubhava must mean other pramanas. If one were to read this 
as merely indicating the complementary nature of anubhava etc, then isn't that 
a superfluous position to state; particularly considering how he contrasts this with
dharmajijnasa, where too these other pramanas act in complementary roles?

-Murali Manohar


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