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I have treated this in detail in my old paper. I can send it to you if you
don't have a copy.


On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 1:33 PM, Murali Karamchedu <murali_m_k at msn.com>wrote:

> >*Veda, the only pramANa for knowing Brahman *
> Is this position held rigorously? If so how is one to interpret the
> following
> position of the acharya in BSB (I.1.2), where while the acharya establishes
> the
> connection between anumAnA and Sruti and says -
> "It
> is not the case that sruti, etc., are the only means of knowledge in
> the inquiry
> into Brahman, as is the case in the inquiry into dharma.
> Rather, sruti, etc.,
> as well as experience, etc., are means of
> knowledge as far as their capability
> allows, since knowledge of Brahman
> concludes in experience, and has an
> existent object as its topic". (na
> dharmajijnasayam iva SrutyAdaya eva pramAnAm
> brahmajijnAsayam; kim tu SrutyAdayo 'nubhavAdayasca yathAsambhavam iha
> pramANam,
> anubhavAvasanatvad bhutavastuviSayatvAcca brahmajnanasya).
> Here, the 'adi' after anubhava must mean other pramanas. If one were to
> read this
> as merely indicating the complementary nature of anubhava etc, then isn't
> that
> a superfluous position to state; particularly considering how he contrasts
> this with
> dharmajijnasa, where too these other pramanas act in complementary roles?
> Thanks,
> -Murali Manohar
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