[Advaita-l] inclusion of vedic mantra portions in other stotras

narayan iyer z1e1b1r1a at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 5 01:50:29 CDT 2009

Namo Namah!!

The vedic mantras are recited by the persons possessing required adhikaras.  It is time and again emphasised that the recitation of vedic mantras must have proper diction and swaram.

But certain vedic mantra portion are also attached to other stotras.  For. eg. "Sarasija nilaye, saroja haste" portion of Shree Suktam in Kanakadhara stotra composition of Sri Sankara. The kanakadhara stotra text does not indicate any swara markings.  Also the entire Shree Suktam, Durga Suktam, Devi Suktam etc. are used by Shri Vidya upasakas, whose adhikara may differ from vedic-adhikaris. 

Is there any shastra pramana for general usage of certain vedic mantras or certain portions of vedic mantras.




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