[Advaita-l] inclusion of vedic mantra portions in other stotras

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 5 03:49:07 CDT 2009

>Also the entire Shree Suktam, Durga Suktam, Devi Suktam etc. are used by Shri Vidya >upasakas, whose adhikara may differ from vedic-adhikaris.
AFAIK, these sUkta-s are used only by a shrIvidya upAsaka if he belongs to the first three varNa-s. These sUkta-s are like add-ons. They can be used by those with adhikAra but they are not required in shrIvidya.
>But certain vedic mantra portion are also attached to other stotras.  For. eg. "Sarasija >nilaye, saroja haste" portion of Shree Suktam in Kanakadhara stotra composition of Sri >Sankara
As for the this one, I think the context, intention and application matter.
One can simply say namaH shankarAya(without svara-s that is..) just to mean I bow to shankara without treating it as part of rudraM and I dont think it violates anything.
You can also see rudraM in shloka format(or shloka-s which imitate rudraM you may say) probably authored by AchArya-s from those old pAshupata shaiva school. The shloka format is meant women and non-dvija males.
There must be an old posting by shrI Anand Hudli addressing this question. Maybe the archives can be looked at.


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