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>    Conversion is just a number game.Just because majority of people follow 
> one faith/religion it does not necessarily follow that that should be the 
> correct one or that only bring salvation to the souls.[Whatever salvation 
> means].Hinduism has evolved through from time immemorial.It is anadhi.No 
> single person can be said to have originated It.It shows the way how to 
> conduct oneself in the life now one has got and assures that all other 
> things will follow automatically.It exhorts every one to follow ones own 
> dharma.What is one`s dharma only the individual has himself /herself to 
> fix it with the help of the sacred texts constatnly applying ones logic 
> and reasoning or approaching a guru.
>    I read an anecdote about Galileo the Italian astronomer who declared 
> that Earth alone goes around the sun and that sun is stationary.But the 
> Pope was not to accept it as it is not told like that in the scriptures.He 
> called Galileo and told him that it has to be changed as it is against 
> religion.Galileo did not argue and accepted the Pope`s command as a devout 
> follower of the Church.When his friends asked him why he has buckled under 
> pressure Galileo  is said have told them  that what he has declared-that 
> the earth only goes round the sun-is the Truth and just because he is now 
> disagreeing  the phenomenon  is not going to change!So conversion is just 
> for some other purpose.A seeker of truth need not worry about the label.In 
> that respect what our Jagat guru had advised the westerner seems to me 
> very appropriate.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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