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प्रभु-स्त्वं दीनानां खलु परमबन्धु: पशुपते
प्रमुख्योऽहं तेषा-मपि किमुत बन्धुत्व-मनयो:।
त्वयैव क्षन्तव्या-श्शिव मदपराधाश्‍च सकला:
प्रयत्नात्कर्तव्यं मदवन-मियं बन्धुसरणि: ॥ १४ ॥


On 11/11/09, Anbu sivam2 <anbesivam2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sivaanandalahari - 14
> प्रभु-स्त्वं दीनानां खलु परमबन्धु: पशुपते
> प्रमुख्योऽहं तेषा-मपि किमुत बन्धुत्व-मनयो:।
> त्वमेव क्षन्तव्या-श्शिव मदपराधाश्‍च सकला:
> प्रयत्नात्कर्तव्यं मदवन-मियं बन्धु-सरणि: ॥ १४ ॥
> prabhu-stvaM dInAnAM khalu paramabandhu: paSupate
> pramukhyo&haM teShA-mapi kimuta bandhutva-manayo:|
> tvameva kShantavyA-SSiva madaparAdhAS^cha sakalA:
> prayatnAtkartavyaM madavana-miyaM bandhu-saraNi: || 14 ||
> Oh Lord Pasupathi, you are the best relative of the poor. I am poorest of
> the poor.There is no need to reiterate about the relationship between the
> two ( the poorest of the poor and the best relative ) Oh holy Shiva! all my
> sins are pardonable and pardonable by you only.You should come forward to
> protect me and such is the behaviour among relatives.
> *Commentary*
> Aum
> In this sloka AachaaryaaL uses two important epithets to describe
> Parameswara. They are 'Prabhu' and 'Bandhu'. Let us see the significance of
> these two words.
> "Mithra bhaavEna sampraaptham nathyajEyam kathamchana|
> dhOshO yadyapi thasya syaathsathaamEthagarhitham||
> sakrudeva prapannaaya thavaasmeethi cha yaachathE|
> abhayam samabhoothEbyO thadhaabyEthahratham mama||
> (Sri Rama in Vaalmiki Ramayanam)
> "A person who has come as a friend connot be given up. Even if he has fault,
> good people do not mind it. If a person declares that he has surrendered to
> me, I would protect him from the fear of all beings."
> "Athara poorvam mahaadeva: prasaadamakOth prabhu:"
> Raghava says to Seetha on his way from Lanka, flying in Pushpaka Vimaana,
> pointing out to Rameswaram, "Here is where Mahaprabhu Mahaadeva graced me
> when I cam to defeat Ravana."
> You are not only a Prabhu but you are my only Bhandhu.
> "ThvamEva maathaa cha pithaa thvamEva,
> ThvamEva bhandhu cha sahaa thvamEva,
> ThvamEva vidhya draviNam thvamEva,
> ThvamEva sarvam mama deva devaa.
> This is the way all the jeevas cry out to ParamEswara as AathmabhandhO!
> DheenabhandO! MaargabhandhO! LokabhandhO! ParamabhandhO! AapathbhandhO! and
> so on.
> Anyone who says this sloka in sivasannidhi and do namaskaaram to Him, he
> would be saved from all the sins.
> SivOham, sivOham.
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