[Advaita-l] Sivaanandalahari - 14

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Sivaanandalahari - 14
प्रभु-स्त्वं दीनानां खलु परमबन्धु: पशुपते
प्रमुख्योऽहं तेषा-मपि किमुत बन्धुत्व-मनयो:।
त्वमेव क्षन्तव्या-श्शिव मदपराधाश्‍च सकला:
प्रयत्नात्कर्तव्यं मदवन-मियं बन्धु-सरणि: ॥ १४ ॥

prabhu-stvaM dInAnAM khalu paramabandhu: paSupate
pramukhyo&haM teShA-mapi kimuta bandhutva-manayo:|
tvameva kShantavyA-SSiva madaparAdhAS^cha sakalA:
prayatnAtkartavyaM madavana-miyaM bandhu-saraNi: || 14 ||

Oh Lord Pasupathi, you are the best relative of the poor. I am poorest of
the poor.There is no need to reiterate about the relationship between the
two ( the poorest of the poor and the best relative ) Oh holy Shiva! all my
sins are pardonable and pardonable by you only.You should come forward to
protect me and such is the behaviour among relatives.



In this sloka AachaaryaaL uses two important epithets to describe
Parameswara. They are 'Prabhu' and 'Bandhu'. Let us see the significance of
these two words.

"Mithra bhaavEna sampraaptham nathyajEyam kathamchana|
dhOshO yadyapi thasya syaathsathaamEthagarhitham||
sakrudeva prapannaaya thavaasmeethi cha yaachathE|
abhayam samabhoothEbyO thadhaabyEthahratham mama||
(Sri Rama in Vaalmiki Ramayanam)

"A person who has come as a friend connot be given up. Even if he has fault,
good people do not mind it. If a person declares that he has surrendered to
me, I would protect him from the fear of all beings."

"Athara poorvam mahaadeva: prasaadamakOth prabhu:"

Raghava says to Seetha on his way from Lanka, flying in Pushpaka Vimaana,
pointing out to Rameswaram, "Here is where Mahaprabhu Mahaadeva graced me
when I cam to defeat Ravana."

You are not only a Prabhu but you are my only Bhandhu.

"ThvamEva maathaa cha pithaa thvamEva,
ThvamEva bhandhu cha sahaa thvamEva,
ThvamEva vidhya draviNam thvamEva,
ThvamEva sarvam mama deva devaa.

This is the way all the jeevas cry out to ParamEswara as AathmabhandhO!
DheenabhandO! MaargabhandhO! LokabhandhO! ParamabhandhO! AapathbhandhO! and
so on.

Anyone who says this sloka in sivasannidhi and do namaskaaram to Him, he
would be saved from all the sins.

SivOham, sivOham.

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