[Advaita-l] Conference on that date of Adi Sankara etc

sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
Sat Dec 26 00:19:20 CST 2009

Dear Members
It is an accepted fact of history that it was AdiSankara who propped up 
the sayings of Vedhas and Upanishads which were relegated to the 
background by the emergence of Jainism and Budhdhism which condemned the 
animal sacrifices in the yagas as were practised by the followers of 
Hindu dharma by probably incorrect interpretations of the Karmakanda 
directions.It fell on the slender shoulders of Sri Adi Shankara to clear 
the smear campaign by the Jains and Buddhists and rejuvenate the 
Sanathana Dharma.So if this is correct then it follows that Adi Sankara 
was after Buddha and Mahavira or at most a late contemporary to them.If 
Buddha was in 1887BCE etc then it is not wrong to assume that Adi 
Sankara was born in 44BCE.Finally this forum is to discuss the Advaitic 
teachings of Sri Sankara.It will be to the benefit of all of us if such 
controversies are avoided in this forum.We should know the truth no 
doubt but in that case we may lose the focus.R.Krishnamoorthy

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