[Advaita-l] Conference on that date of Adi Sankara etc

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Brahmaiva sarvadhA nAnyath sathyam sathyam nijam padham|
AtmAkAram idham dvaitham mithyavE na parah pumAn||
sachidhananda mAthrOham sarvam kEvalamavyayam|
brahmA vishnuscha rudrascha Eswarascha sadAsivaha||

(Ribu Gita)

Advaita in the form of Sri Adhi Sankaracharia has no dvaitham and time and space has no existence. The potent content of his teachings is more to contemplate rather than HIS time of birth and death. They are just points of discussion,dispute and meat for historical research either way or any way as 'bahirmuka vaadham'. 
Do we want more inner paralysis by analysis of Sri Shankara's birth time and mukthi time in history?. It may add more referential knowledge wealth, be it right or wrong and has no other sathyam.



'namAmi bhagavathpAtham shankaram lOka shankaram'

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> Subject: [Advaita-l] Conference on that date of Adi Sankara etc
> Dear Members
> It is an accepted fact of history that it was AdiSankara who propped up 
> the sayings of Vedhas and Upanishads which were relegated to the 
> background by the emergence of Jainism and Budhdhism which condemned the 
> animal sacrifices in the yagas as were practised by the followers of 
> Hindu dharma by probably incorrect interpretations of the Karmakanda 
> directions.It fell on the slender shoulders of Sri Adi Shankara to clear 
> the smear campaign by the Jains and Buddhists and rejuvenate the 
> Sanathana Dharma.So if this is correct then it follows that Adi Sankara 
> was after Buddha and Mahavira or at most a late contemporary to them.If 
> Buddha was in 1887BCE etc then it is not wrong to assume that Adi 
> Sankara was born in 44BCE.Finally this forum is to discuss the Advaitic 
> teachings of Sri Sankara.It will be to the benefit of all of us if such 
> controversies are avoided in this forum.We should know the truth no 
> doubt but in that case we may lose the focus.R.Krishnamoorthy
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