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Sivaanandalahari - 55 (2)

continued from 55 (1)

sarvEvEdhaa: yathpadhamamananthi.

Hey! ParamEswara!  All the vEdas deliberate only of you.  Even though you
are vEdha vEdhya you take apraahrtha mangala swaroopam in order to protect
the bhakthas and by giving them the darsanam you give janama sabalam to
them.  Even though you take the form of saguNa moorthy your nija swaroopam
is 'vignyaanam aanandham brahma', 'aanandhO brahmEthi vyajaanEth' says the
sruthi.  This is your swaroopa lakshaNam.  You are active in in
lOkarakshakam by your leelas such as aalaahalapaanam, thripurasamhaaram
etc.  Those gnaanis who come from the nirvikalpa samaadhi after rejecting
sarva jagath as false, who remain without any thought keeping your unbeaten
manthra vigraham in their heart, to those gnaanis alone you are the object
of adoration.  You of the supreme mahimaa is adored by the gnaanis.
KaaLidaasa describes that you are the easiest to know by the bhakthas
because of your protection to the dEvas and saadhu janas as follows:

vEdhaanthEshu yamaahurEkapurusham vyaapya sthitham rOdhasee
yasminneeswara ithyananyavishaya: sabhdhO yathaarthaakshara: |
antharyascha mumukshurbhiniyabhithapraaNaadhibhirbhrugyathE
sa sthaaNu: sthirabhakthiyOgasulabHo ni:srEyasaayaasthuva: ||

 Moreover, you are keeping as your subordinate that all powerful maaya that
deludes the paamara janas making the false jagath as real and that which is
real as unreal.  You remain the object of the singing of praise by all the
dEvas.  You are seated there with the powerful jatai ready to burst out with
your ecstatic dance.  Let this namaskaaram be unto you of sarva vaibhavam,
says AachaaryaaL.

Sidhaanandha roopa: SivOham SivOham

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