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Dear Sadananda ji,

Namasthe, This message is indeed very profound and puts an end to a lot of
unrest. The next question is about how to "be" that perfect disciple - is
self effort the only answer?


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> PraNAms to all. As I was looking into a magazine - FROZEN THOUGHTS -Vol. 6,
> page 54, Nov. 20006 that was lying down I found an article that caught my
> eye. Author is not specified. Here is the article with the subject title.
> The message is clear and pertinent.
> ---------
> A seeker was in search of a Master. Because of his HR background (I do not
> know what that HR means), he had prepared a checklist to evaluate someone
> before accepting him as his Master. After twenty years of searching, he
> finally found one who qualified on all the points in the checklist. - I have
> selected you as my Master-
> The Master replied. You may have found a perfect Master, but this Master is
> searching for a perfect disciple. If you can be with me for the next 24
> hours without asking questions, I will take you as my disciple- The seeker
> consented.
> Pointing to a bucket and rope that was lying close by, the Master asked the
> seeker to pick them up and follow him to the well. As the seeker was picking
> up the bucket, he noticed that it has no bottom. - What to do with a bucket
> that has no bottom - he wanted to ask the Master, but he remembered that he
> was not supposed to  ask any questions for 24 hours. He felt very silly
> carrying a bottomless bucket, but could not help it.  To add to his woes,
> the Master asked him to tie the rope to the bucket and draw water from the
> well. Unable to control himself, the seeker burst out , - Master, this
> bucket has no bottom! Why are you asking me to do something as silly as
> this?
> The Master said, - See, you could not hold your tongue. When you, a seeker,
> know that this is silly, won't I also know that this is silly? I asked you
> to take this test just for you to know that you have an interfering
> intelligence. Even on something that both of us are able to see, like this
> bottomless bucket, you are not able to trust me! How then will you trust me
> when I take you through the spiritual journey, which I have seen but you
> have not yet? Ask questions to the Master, but do not question the Master.
> With this doubting intelligence, you are not ready for a spiritual journey.
> Your intelligence will keep interfering with the intelligence that is
> guiding you-.
> The Master concluded - Instead of searching for a perfect Master, first
> make yourself a perfect disciple. A perfect disciple is one for whom
> surrender is a possibility. You donot have to searchfor any Master, for when
> you are ready, your teacher will appear.-.
> -------
> A profound truth indeed.
> My teacher, Swami Chinmayanandaji used to tell - a flower does not have to
> go in search of a bee. Bee shall come when the flower is ready as it opens
> up with all its beauty and glory.
> No teacher will come and say I am your teacher. Student will discover his
> teacher as he opens up.
> I discovered my teacher only this way. I am sure every one has the same
> experience.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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