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Fri Dec 11 09:23:16 CST 2009

PraNAms to all. As I was looking into a magazine - FROZEN THOUGHTS -Vol. 6, page 54, Nov. 20006 that was lying down I found an article that caught my eye. Author is not specified. Here is the article with the subject title. The message is clear and pertinent.

A seeker was in search of a Master. Because of his HR background (I do not know what that HR means), he had prepared a checklist to evaluate someone before accepting him as his Master. After twenty years of searching, he finally found one who qualified on all the points in the checklist. - I have selected you as my Master-

The Master replied. You may have found a perfect Master, but this Master is searching for a perfect disciple. If you can be with me for the next 24 hours without asking questions, I will take you as my disciple- The seeker consented.

Pointing to a bucket and rope that was lying close by, the Master asked the seeker to pick them up and follow him to the well. As the seeker was picking up the bucket, he noticed that it has no bottom. - What to do with a bucket that has no bottom - he wanted to ask the Master, but he remembered that he was not supposed to  ask any questions for 24 hours. He felt very silly carrying a bottomless bucket, but could not help it.  To add to his woes, the Master asked him to tie the rope to the bucket and draw water from the well. Unable to control himself, the seeker burst out , - Master, this bucket has no bottom! Why are you asking me to do something as silly as this?

The Master said, - See, you could not hold your tongue. When you, a seeker, know that this is silly, won't I also know that this is silly? I asked you to take this test just for you to know that you have an interfering intelligence. Even on something that both of us are able to see, like this bottomless bucket, you are not able to trust me! How then will you trust me when I take you through the spiritual journey, which I have seen but you have not yet? Ask questions to the Master, but do not question the Master. With this doubting intelligence, you are not ready for a spiritual journey. Your intelligence will keep interfering with the intelligence that is guiding you-.

The Master concluded - Instead of searching for a perfect Master, first make yourself a perfect disciple. A perfect disciple is one for whom surrender is a possibility. You donot have to searchfor any Master, for when you are ready, your teacher will appear.-. 

A profound truth indeed. 

My teacher, Swami Chinmayanandaji used to tell - a flower does not have to go in search of a bee. Bee shall come when the flower is ready as it opens up with all its beauty and glory. 
No teacher will come and say I am your teacher. Student will discover his teacher as he opens up. 

I discovered my teacher only this way. I am sure every one has the same experience.

Hari Om!

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