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Sivaanandalahari - 45छन्दश्‍शाखि-शिखान्वितै-र्द्विजवरै-रसंसेविते शाश्‍वते
सौख्यापादिनि खेदभेदिनि सुधासारै: फलै-र्दीपिते ।
चेत: पक्षिशिखामणे त्यज वृथा-संचार-मन्यै-रलं
नित्यं शंकर-पादपध्म-युगली-नीडे विहारं कुरु ॥ ४५ ॥

ChandaS^SAkhi-SikhAnvitai-rdvijavarai-rasaMsevite SAS^vate
saukhyApAdini khedabhedini sudhAsArai: phalai-rdIpite |
cheta: pakShiSikhAmaNe tyaja vRuthA-saMchAra-manyai-ralaM
nityaM SaMkara-pAdapadhma-yugalI-nIDe vihAraM kuru || 45 ||

Oh bird of greatest mind, play without interruption in the nest of the two
lotus feet of Paramashiva, situated in the tree with the Sakas, (a part of
Vedas ) as the branches, with Upanishads as the top and bearing Dharma,
Artha, Kama and Moksha as the fruits, which destroy grief, taste like the
nectre, are eternal and much sought after by the birds of great Brahmanas.

hE chEtha: pakshisikhaamaNe = HEy! mind that is conceived as the great bird;
chandha: saakhisikaanvitha: = the trees of the Veda that has the upanishads
as the branches;
dwijavarai: = by the braahmanasrEshtaas (by the superior birds);
samsEvithE = greatly respected;
saasvathE = permanent;
sowkyaapaadhini = that which produced sukham;
khEdhabhEdhini = that which removes difficulties;
sudhaasaarai: = equal to the great flood of amritha;
phalai: = such fruits as dharma;
dheepithE = that which is shining;
sankarapaadhapadhmayugaleeneedE = in the cage of of the two holy feet of
ParamEswara which gives mOksha sukham;
nithyam = All the time;
vihaaram = play;
kuru = do;
vruthaa = wasteful;
sanchaaram = roaming;
thyaja = totally give up;
anyai: = seeking out for alien objects;
alam = enough.


In accordance with the maxim "yOgasthu sitthavrutthi nirOdha:",  making the
mind that seeks out and roams for ordinary objective pleasures to attain its
layam in ParamEswara's lotus feet is the meaning of the Yoga sabhdha.

Hey! The mind which I see as the superior bird! You are roaming everywhere
in aimless fashion.  Where can you get nithyasukham?  You are seeking the
impermenant and immediate benefits.  Have you ever thought of what is
nithyasukham and what is anithyasukham?  You are wasting your time without
getting into the rahasyam of these important subjects. Hey! Bird that is the
mind!  If you keep doing this you cannot attain mOkshasukham.  Enough that
you have wasted your life.  Atleast try hereafter to attain mOkshasukham.
Let me tell you of a place.  Go and play there.  That place alone gives you
nithyaanandhasukham.  I will tell you on the mahima of that place.  Listen
to me patiently.

Hey! The mind which I see as the superior bird! The trees of the Veda that
has the upanishads as the branches alone know that place.  In those trees
brahmaNOtthamas live hopping between branches worshipping that place.
Moreover that which is worshipped has no destruction in the kaalathrayaas.
At the same time it is removing the thaapathrayams and eliminates the hunger
caused by the samsaara by giving endless tasty fruits sudhaamritham for you
to eat.  You can go to this remarkable place and play there as you please!

Hey! The mind which I see as the superior bird! You do not have to worry as
to where this joyous place is!  That place of the greatest mahima is none
but the ever auspicious and unfathomable giver of sukham and know it as the
cage of the lotus feet of ParamEswara.  So you remain in that cage and play
there and do not fly away to needless places!  I assure you that you will
enjoy the pleasures there that you have never known in life.  You do not
have to have even a wee bit of doubt on this.  This is truly the permanent
abode that you always have been seeking.

"Sudhaa dhaaraasaarai: charana yugaLaanthar vigaLithai:
prapancham sinchanthi..."

"Drenching the whole manifested multiplicity (the prapancha, here meaning
the 72000 nadis of the jeeva) with the nectar flowing from thy feet..."

Anyone who recites this sloka and do namaskaaram to ParamEswara will
definitely have their mind find layam in the lotus feet of Shiva in due

Nama: paarvathee pathayE Hara Hara Mahaadeva!

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