[Advaita-l] Discussion on "Aham Brahmasmi"

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Thu Dec 10 23:05:48 CST 2009

With reference to the above discussion,the Mahavakya will not be clear
until one comprehends the real meaning of "Aham" and "Brahma".There is
clarity if one follows the discussion on this Mahavakya by
Sri.Sureshwaracharya in his "Naishkarmyasiddhi".He gives a beautiful
illustration of an burning iron piece.He says that even though we see the
fire burning on the iron piece,we refer it as 'iron is
burning".Similarly,the syntactic apposition(Samanyadhikarana) in the
Mahavakya will be clear only if we know the inner meaning of the two words
and their implication.

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