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Sivaanandalahari - 46 आकीर्णे नखराजिकान्ति-विभवै-रुध्यत्सुधा-वैभवै-
राधौतेपि च पद्मराग-ललिते हंसव्रजै-राश्रिते ।
नित्यं भक्ति-वधूगणैश्‍व रहसि स्वेछा-विहारं कुरु
स्थित्वा मानस-राजहंस गिरिजानाथांघ्रि-सौधान्तरे ॥ ४६ ॥

AkIrNe naKarAjikAnti-viBavai-rudhyatsudhA-vaiBavai-
rAdhautepi cha padmarAga-lalite haMsavrajai-rASrite |
nityaM Bakti-vadhUgaNaiS^va rahasi sveChA-vihAraM kuru
sthitvA mAnasa-rAjahaMsa girijAnAthAMghri-saudhAntare || 46 ||

Oh the great swan of mind, live secretly in peace with the brides of Bhakti,
in the mansion of the lotus feet of Parvatipati ( Parvati’s husband, Lord
Shiva) which is full of lustre emanating from the nails, seemingly whitened
by the rays of nectar , looking beautiful and red with the studded gems,
surrounded by swans of ascetics.


*hE maanasaraajahamsa = Hey! Mind that is like the princely swan!;
nakharaajikaanthavibhavai: = the shine coming off the group of the nails (of
ParamEswara's feet);
aakeerNE = pervaded;
udhyathsudhaavaibhavai: = of the raising moon's nectar like white rays that
spread out;
aadhowthE = made white all around;
api cha = more over;
padhmaraagalalithE = made of the padmaraaga stone that is as red as the
lotus flower;
hamsavrajE = of the group of swans (sanyaasis);
aasrithE = that which is worshipped by;
girijaanaathaangrimowdhaantharE = in the dais of the holy feet of
ParamEswara who is the husband of Parvathi;
rahasi = secretly;
sthithvaa = remaining;
bhakthivadhoogaNaischa = in the company of the ladies called bhakthi;
swEcchchaavihaaram = play of your own liking;
kuru = do.

AachaaryaaL continues to address the mind in this sloka.


Hey! Mind that is like the princely swan!

Please listen patiently.

Samsaara sarpadhashtaanaam janthoonaam avivekinaam |
Chandrasekhara paadhaabja smaraNam paramoushadham ||

For the avivEki who is bitten by the snake of samsaara and is caught in the
cycle of birth and death, there is only one medicine to neutralize this
poison and that is the constant smaraNa of Chandrasekhara's paadhaabjam. (My
aneka koti saashtaanga namaskaarams to ParamaachaaryaaL Sri
Chandrasekharenra Saraswathi).  Therefore you have to do smaraNam of
ParamEswara's padhaabjam constantly. The shine of those feet get increased
by those brilliant nails that remain close to one another.  Moreover because
of the raising moon's nectar like white rays that spread out these feet look
pure white.  Also adorned with the red padhmaraaga stones they bring
aanandha to the eyes.  And these holy feet are worshipped by the
paramahamsas who are aware of the thathwas of mahaathanthras.  You should
secretly get to these exalted feet with those divine ladies called bhakthi
and play to your heart's content.  Only by adorning on these softest lotus
feet can you be enjoying the supreme aanandha.

Hey! Mind that is like the princely swan!

*Bhakthi is known in two ways as saamaanya bhakthi and as visesha bhakthi.
Knowing Parameswara's vaibhavam and mahima and to have the layam of the mind
in Parameswara is saamaanya bhakthi. But in visesha bhakthi a person's mind
has attained akhandaakaara vritthi's gnaanam that led him to know the
non-difference of his own aathma with Siva with the realization of 'SivOham'
(I am Siva). This is also known as 'aham sa:' or 'hamsa'. This secret is
outed by AachaaryaaL in this sloka by saying 'rahasi svecchavihaaram kuru'.

Hey! Mind that is like the princely swan!

Only those who do anusandhaanam in this manner will in the course of time
will be able to know Paramasiva as his prathyagaathma and enjoy
Sivaanandham.  These is no doubt at all about this.  This endless aanandha
of the greatest mahima can occur only to those who remain in their ekaantham
and antharmukham.  It can never happen otherwise.

SivOham, SivOham.

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