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Sivaanandalahari - 41

पापोत्पात-विमोचनाय रुचिरैश्‍वर्याय मृत्युंजय
स्तोत्र-ध्यान-नति-प्रदक्षिण-सपर्यालोकनाकर्णने ।
जिह्वा-चित्त-शिरोङ्‌घ्रि-हस्त-नयन-श्रोत्रैरहं प्रार्थितो
मामाज्ञापय तन्‍निरूपय मुहु-र्मामेव मा मेऽवच: ॥ ४१ ॥

pApotpAta-vimochanAya ruchiraiS^varyAya mRutyuMjaya
stotra-dhyAna-nati-pradakShiNa-saparyAlokanAkarNane |
jihvA-chitta-Siro~g^^ghri-hasta-nayana-SrotrairahaM prArthito
mAmAj~jApaya tan^nirUpaya muhu-rmAmeva mA me&vacha: || 41 ||

Oh Mritunjaya, who won over the lord of death Yama, Please order me to pray
by means of Stotras ( poems in praise of you ), meditation, Namaskaram (
bowing to you), Pradakshinam ( go round oneself in clockwise direction),
Puja ( worship), Darsanam (Seeing) and Sravanam (hearing the name or stories
of God ) with the help of tongue, mind, head, legs, hands, eyes and ears so
as to be relieved of my sins and to become independent. In these aspects
please do ensure it frequently. Let me not spend anytime without using the
tongue for you. Let my tongue and all the Indriyas (six senses) be in your
holy service.


*hE mruthyunjaya = Hey! Mruthyunjaya! i.e. one who has won over yama;
paapOthpaapavimOchnaaya = to remove the afflictions of sins;
ruchiraiswaryaaya = to attain the superior aiswarya;
sthOthra dhyaana nathipradhakshiNa saparyaalOkanaakarNanE = in the matter of
performing sthuthi, dhyaanam, namaskaaram, pradhakshiNam, pooja, dharshanam,
jihvaachitthasirOngrihasthanayanasrOthrai: = with tongue, mind, head, feet,
hands, eyes, ears;
aham = I;
praarthitha: = worship;
maam = me;
aagyaapaya = order me;
thath =  for that reason;
maam = to me;
muhu; = often;
niroopaya = prove it;
mE = to me;
avacha: = if there is no gnaanam;
maa Eva = do not do at all.

Oh! Mrutunjaya! You won over the lord of death Yama.  If only you decide to
have kaarunyam on me that very moment my janmaa will attain its saabhalyam.
When are you going to show me that enormous karuNai on me?  Hey!
ParamEswara! In order to remove my paapams done in my many poorva janmas
lock, stock and barrel, in order to attain the superior aiswarya called
mOkshasaamraajyam, in order to praise your mahimaas, in order to do dhyaanam
of your apraahrtha mangala vigraham, in order to do pradhakshiNam of all the
Sivakshethrams of enormous mahimas, in order to do poojanam of your holy
feet that gives mahaa mangalam, in order to do dharsanam of your moorthy of
the greatest mahima, in order to speak of your history that gives
divyaamritham, I have been entreated by my tongue, my mind, my head, my
feet, my hands, my eyes and my ears.  But I remain asakthan to fulfil their
very pious requests.  It is only you who can shower karuNa on me so I am
able to fulfil these requests.  In reality, according to "praNanthum
sthOthum vaa katham akruthapunya: prabhavathi" i.e. having not done smaraNam
in the many thousands of the past janmas, having not accumulated the
mountain like puNya in those past lives how can the praaNis be qualified to
do namaskaaram or do sthuthi with their vaak?

Therefore, as said in soothasamhitha,

sivaprasaadhEna vinaa na buddhi: sivaprasaadEna vinaa na yukthi: |
sivaprasaadhEna vinaa na siddhi: sivaprasaadhEna vinaa na mukthi: ||

it is clear that the root cause for all sorts of srEyas that has
mOkshaparyantham is Sivaprasaadham only.  Hey! PrabhO! even though the
indhriyaas have been praying to me to get them into your layam I am, as
asakthan, unable to fulfil their requests.  Because in my poorva janmas I
have only done a mountain of paapas and not even a bit of puNya.  The
saasthras declare loudly that by puNya alone you can be attained.  On the
other hand I remain the worst sinner. And I remain without a wee bit of
gnaanam.  Please, Please ParmEswara! please grant me gnaanOdhayam!

Hey! ParamEswara! according to the pradhigna,

sarvadharmaanparithyajya maamEkam saraNam vraja |
aham thvaa sarvapaapEbhyO mOkshayishyaami maa sucha: ||

please give me your aruL by which all my paapas of many kinds are completely
removed and I become able to experience the mOksha saamraajya aiswaryam.  So
far I have not done any puNya karma at all.  It is enough, surely enough to
have wasted my janma.  No more wasting of this precious janma.  Hey!
Paramaanandhaswaroopa! Hey! Mruthyunjaya! Hey! KaruNaajalathE! please
relieve me from this trouble.

The saaraamsam of this slOka is that only those who have done enormous
punyaas in innumerable janmas can enjoy sivaanubhavam.  This is certain.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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