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Sivaanandalahari - 42गंभीर्यं परिखापदं घनधृति: प्राकार‌उद्यद्गुण-
स्तोमश्‍चाप्तबलं घनेन्द्रियचयो द्वाराणि देहे स्थित: ।
विध्या वस्तु-समृद्धिरित्यखिल-सामग्री-समेते सदा
दुर्गातिप्रिय-देव मामक-मनो-दुर्गे निवासं कुरु ॥ ४२ ॥

gaMBIryaM parikhApadaM ghanadhRuti: prAkAra^^udyadguNa-
stomaS^chAptabalaM ghanendriyachayo dvArANi dehe sthita: |
vidhyA vastu-samRuddhirityakhila-sAmagrI-samete sadA
durgAtipriya-deva mAmaka-mano-durge nivAsaM kuru || 42 ||

Oh God who is fond of living in inaccessible fort, Please grant me the mercy
of staying in the fort of my mind with all necessary attributes, which has
thick courage as the wall, with lots of predominant good qualities as the
friendly Army, with the strong senses as the gates and true knowledge as the
abundant essential commodities.


hE durgaathipriya = one who loves to live in a mountain that is not easily
accessible (also one who has priyam to Durgambika);
hE dEva = swaprakaasaswaroopane;
parikhaapadham = marked by the moat in front;
gaambeeryam = depth, remote;
ganadhruthi: = of unrelenting boldness;
prakaara: ramparts;
udhyadhguNasthOma: = of those group of qualities;
aapthabalam = of conforming army;
dhEhE = in the body;
sthitha: = residing;
ganEndriyachaya: = of the corwding organs;
dwaaraaNi = the openings, the doors;
vidhyaa = of vidhya;
vasthu samruddhi: = of many objects;
ithi = in this way;
akhilasaamagreesamEthE = composed of many things;
maamakamanOdhurgE = of the fort of my mind;
sadhaa = always;
nivaasam kuru = do live.

Hey! ParamEswara! You are capable of doing anything at any time.  O! Dweller
of a place that this hard for anyone to access! Why are you always residing
in the mountain? Is it your preference to live in a terrible place? Hey!
Durgaambika prEmi!  Do you know there is a more remote place than mahaa
kailaasa parvatham? You can permanently stay there overflowing your
sivaanandham along with paraasakthi.  Are you wondering what is that
wonderous place?  It is my mind that is the strongest of the forts!  It is
surrounded by deep moats all around.  You never have to worry that this fort
will ever get destroyed.  Because it has been built by surpassing boldness
on my part.  And I have put on guard a strong army to guard it from
invaders.  You have to know that this remarkable army is made up of saadhu
gunas.  It has the openings that are of the indriyas.  It is filled with
Brahma Vidhya to know you.  Hey! Swayamprakaasi! With paraasakthi as your
consort you can live here permanently.

The saaraamsam of this sloka is that one should do dhyaanam of Paramasiva in
his hridhayaakaasam.  The antharangasaadhanam for that is manOnnigraham
only.  Vidwaans say that this manOnigraham is really the Raja Yoga.

Whoever says this slOka and do namaskaram to Paramasiva, in his heart
Paramasiva will live permanently.  This is certain!

Aum Namasivaaya!

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